France -Henri III & René de Birague (Chancellor of France) – Bronze Medal



Country :  France

Material: Broze

Date: 19th century restrike



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Henry III, King of France (1574-1689), and René de Birague, Chancellor of France (1573-1583), 16th century

Henry III

was King of Poland under the name of Henry I (Henryk in Polish) from 1573 to 1575 and King of France from 1574 to 1589. He remains the last king of the Valois dynasty.

René de Birague

plays a large role during the reign of Henry III as one of the main opponents of Protestants. In 1573, he was rewarded for his services by being appointed Chancellor of France.


Henri III, roi de France (1574-1689) et René de Birague, chancelier de France (1573-1583), XVIe siècle

Henri III

Il fut roi de Pologne sous le nom de Henri Ier (Henryk en polonais) de 1573 à 1575 et roi de France de 1574 à 1589. Il reste le dernier roi de la dynastie des Valois.

René de Birague

joue un rôle important pendant le règne d’Henri III en tant qu’un des principaux adversaires des protestants. En 1573, il fut récompensé pour ses services en étant nommé chancelier de France.